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Master Class: Escort’ Strip Tease

Strip tease is an art which is subjected to the few but at the same time there are no people who are indifferent to this type of the dance. All the Mayfair escorts are experienced strip-dancers, they are aware of some ruses that will help female laity to strip dance without making their audience feel disappointed. These recommendations have been composed according to the stories of professional London escorts – Monica.
London strip girlThe most significant thing is music! It is important to find a suitable music which makes something seethe inside you and give the feeling of your own sexuality and irresistibility. Try to remember the melodies that wind you up at disco clubs and the last melody you danced an erotic dance to.
Thirst ii nothing, image is everything! Choose your role, it is significant. For example, a neighbor girl, a woman-vamp, or a nurse, etc. Costume is something that should be prepared in advance. Monica say that you should feel comfortable and confident in your new role.
Make-up and hair dress should completely correspond to your image. The more similarity with the chosen role, the more relaxed you will feel. And undressing won’t give you much discomfort.
Besides Monica says that a woman who is going to strip dance should be practical in the choice of her clothes. Monica advise to say no to all the clothes which have a lot of buttons, secret zips and unreachable hooks. Velcro and pins will be suitable to play the role of your little helpers.
Shoes are vital for a strip dance! Put on the shoes in which you feel sexy. However Monica mention that a girl should take into account the fact that you will dance in them but not sit gracefully on a chair demonstrating the beauty of your legs. It is better not to wear the shoes with buckles, you should not forget that you will have to take off your beautiful stockings.
Art presupposes victims! Monica tell us that women also should think of the place where they are going to put their master class of a strip dance in reality. Monica usually create a charming and mysterious atmosphere with the help of soft light, decorations, candles and aroma sticks.
Monica reveal a little secret of a successful strip dance – more flirting. Everything that you do before you start your strip is also an important part of your performance. Do not get rid of your clothes too quickly. Tease your partner!
Strip teasing. Monica say that a girl should take off her clothes with pleasure. Releasing one part of your body from clothes show it proudly to your partner. For instance, if your costume presupposes gloves, take of one glove and tease your partner with a bare hand contrasting the touches with your gloved hand.

More rhythmical, more dynamic! Monica hint that a woman dancing a strip tease should always think about the music – its length and rhythm. For example you decided to make certain things with your buttocks. If the moment for which these movements are presupposed for is too short you may look a bit stupid or if is too long, your partner may get bored with the repetition of the same movements.

Eyes… these beautiful eyes! The key moment in any strip dance is the expression of your face. Look exactly at your partners eyes, show him that your take great pleasure from yourself.

Making the final step! You take off the last thing that covers your body and storms of applauses and ovations are for you!

P.S. Even if you did not make all your strip dance without flaws, do not get upset about it, be sure that your partner is on cloud nine from happiness and sensual emotions he got during your dance.

a goddess lives in every escort

Women deserve to be treated like goddesses by men and this statement can be proved very easily. According to ancient Roman myths there were different goddesses that stood for peculiar character traits, ways of behavior and life priorities. Every female can identify herself with one of them taking into consideration all the characteristics.
Do you want to argue the opinion that there is a goddess in every mayfair escort? You can do it, of course. Though you’d better not hurry with making conclusions and stating your point of view. Here is the claim that a goddess lives in every escort. And it is not a vain statement to make. The parallels with the goddesses of ancient Rome can be drawn to prove this idea. So any woman can choose the type that suits her best of all.

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VIP Companionship | Elite Escorting

In the world of illegal business people have to play according to open and secret rules set by the participants of business relationships. The rules are also connected with the companions that very often accompany businessmen to meetings and talks. VIP companionship is the best variant for people who value their business, time and reputation. In order to have a successful business, men should take part in dinner parties, trips abroad, communication with business partners in an informal atmosphere. Besides all this it is important to defend their interests and help their company develop, widen investments. So a VIP companion will play a great role in all the above mentioned things who will accompany her partner to any business trip.

You and your London VIP escort will always be in the centre of attention. The appearance of a man in a company of an elite escort causes admiration and light envy. All the doors will be open in front of you and you won’t look lonely and aloof. Apart from this a girl will be able to keep up the conversation and speak to the topic that interests you, to the topic that is important for your business. A VIP escort will be able to release tension during the business talks and draw everybody’s attention away from unpleasant themes, and on the whole will make the communication light and enjoyable. Also a VIP escort’s charm and unstained manners make a perfect partner for any businessman.

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