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I was recently told by a contractor working at one of our London Escort girls apartments, that the type of humble British biscuit that is given to any handyman with his cup of builders tea denotes his likelihood of striking lucky with the lady of the house.

Personally, I didn’t believe him until he told me the list and just had to share it with you. (No.1 being the best. No.10 the worst.) We are rather unsure how the poll was ever conducted but what do we care. Me, I personally fancy a sponge finger!

1. Jaffa Cakes
2. Custard creams
3. Rich Tea
4. Hob Nobs
5. Bourbons.
6. Chocolate Digestives
7. Flap Jack
8. Shortbread
9. Ginger Nut
10. Wafer

Needless to say no biscuit at all means you’ve no chance, just get on with the job for which you’re paid to do. But a friend from Geisha London told me that if the biscuit is home-made you’re propelled into a different league and should be thankful if you’re wearing clean underwear that morning.

And before you ask! I’ve no idea what can be read into your chances by the actual quantity of biscuits received. The more biscuits the merrier I guess.

Whatever is your favourite. Have a look at our gallery of girls as I know you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

Endless Pins

The idea that long legs are desirable is a myth, scientists have discovered. Both men and women find well-proportioned limbs to be more attractive than long legs, the research revealed.
nepint (1)More than 1200 volunteers were shown a succession of computer-generated images of women with varying length of legs. Men were asked to rate them according to how attractive they thought they were, while women were additionally asked to rate each image according to how attractive they thought men would find them.

The men consistently preferred the images with leg-to-body ration 0.49 – almost exactly the same as the British average.
The female volunteers believed men would favour longer legs, but when asked what figures they thought most attractive, the average-sized limbs came out on top.

However, images with longer legs were found more desirable than those with the shortest leg ratios.

According to the so called leg mad scientists, long legs have a direct link to health but at Mayfair* we think they skimped the research . A major factor which the boffins didn’t consider is heel height, sheerness of stocking, lack of skirt and last but not least what they do with them. The legs that is.
Our escorts pride themselves in having long, smooth slender legs, an exhaustive collection of sexy high heels, luxurious silk stockings and an incredible talent to wrap them around all the right places.
We really think those scientists are out on a limb and should visit our girls and check their data more closely. We know it would give them some surprising results and definitely a few perks.
Why not see for yourselves and marvel at their endless pins when you make a booking with our girls.

Tess of Mayfair

When I heard about new girl Tess I immediately (and perhaps sadly) thought of Tess of the d’Urbervilles the great classic of English literature by Thomas Hardy. Personally I blame my parents and my all girl school education (wink wink) since the book which I had to painstakingly read has etched itself on my mind even though on its original release, it challenged the sexual mores of Hardys day. Whey hay!

Books aside when I set eyes on our hot-bloodied Tess for the first time I was mesmerised, not just by her stunning looks but by her charm too. Though they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, in this case what you see is what you get, pure classic sexy woman.

Then I heard her rave reviews from satisfied clients and I soon forgot about classic literature and thought of a much more favoured pastime – sex. For she is indeed a classic herself with long slender limbs, luscious brunette hair, a sexy butt and a fantastic way of making you feel at ease.

It seems Tess is pure woman herself just like the fictional Tess and despite her stunning looks, can morph herself from beautiful angel to wild sexy beast at the turn of a page.

Don’t take my word for it, book some special time with Tess yourself. She’s certainly no stuffy librarian!