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I was recently told by a contractor working at one of our London Escort girls apartments, that the type of humble British biscuit that is given to any handyman with his cup of builders tea denotes his likelihood of striking lucky with the lady of the house.

Personally, I didn’t believe him until he told me the list and just had to share it with you. (No.1 being the best. No.10 the worst.) We are rather unsure how the poll was ever conducted but what do we care. Me, I personally fancy a sponge finger!

1. Jaffa Cakes
2. Custard creams
3. Rich Tea
4. Hob Nobs
5. Bourbons.
6. Chocolate Digestives
7. Flap Jack
8. Shortbread
9. Ginger Nut
10. Wafer

Needless to say no biscuit at all means you’ve no chance, just get on with the job for which you’re paid to do. But a friend from Geisha London told me that if the biscuit is home-made you’re propelled into a different league and should be thankful if you’re wearing clean underwear that morning.

And before you ask! I’ve no idea what can be read into your chances by the actual quantity of biscuits received. The more biscuits the merrier I guess.

Whatever is your favourite. Have a look at our gallery of girls as I know you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

VIP Companionship | Elite Escorting

In the world of illegal business people have to play according to open and secret rules set by the participants of business relationships. The rules are also connected with the companions that very often accompany businessmen to meetings and talks. VIP companionship is the best variant for people who value their business, time and reputation. In order to have a successful business, men should take part in dinner parties, trips abroad, communication with business partners in an informal atmosphere. Besides all this it is important to defend their interests and help their company develop, widen investments. So a VIP companion will play a great role in all the above mentioned things who will accompany her partner to any business trip.

You and your London VIP escort will always be in the centre of attention. The appearance of a man in a company of an elite escort causes admiration and light envy. All the doors will be open in front of you and you won’t look lonely and aloof. Apart from this a girl will be able to keep up the conversation and speak to the topic that interests you, to the topic that is important for your business. A VIP escort will be able to release tension during the business talks and draw everybody’s attention away from unpleasant themes, and on the whole will make the communication light and enjoyable. Also a VIP escort’s charm and unstained manners make a perfect partner for any businessman.

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mayfair escorts

High Class Escorts and Mayfair Casinos

If you think Las Vegas has reserved the right to having the best casinos in the world – think again. London has its fair share of exclusive high class casinos. The British capital is home to some of world renowned gambling establishments with most of them located in the prestigious area of Mayfair. They are regularly visited by many rich and famous people, so make sure you are seen in the most sophisticated company.

London’s high class escorts are sophisticated, glamorous and drop-dead gorgeous and they can fulfill your wildest fantasies. Imagine entering one of the most exclusive casinos in London with a stunning girl by your side – all the eyes will be on you. It will not matter whether you win or lose – your girl is all you need to enjoy your evening.

mayfair escorts

These are no ordinary women – the Mayfair girls are the most desirable premier escorts, exclusive to the most successful men. They ooze pure class and reflect the area’s sophisticated status. There is nothing they enjoy more than a night out in a five-star casino and they definitely will show you their gratitude for taking them with you. More importantly, even if you don’t get lucky at gambling, your girl will quickly make you forget about your misfortune.

You should never gamble on having a good time. Luckily, the high class Mayfair escorts are a guarantee of an eventful evening. There is no better way to celebrate your winnings than with one of the most desirable girls in the UK by your side. A night out in one of the finest London casinos with the company of a high class escort is every man’s fantasy, which you can turn into reality.

These are some of the best casinos in Mayfair:

Aspinalls Casino
27-28 Curzon Street, W1J 7TJ
020 7499 4599

The Clermont Club
44 Berkeley Square, W1J 5AR

30 Curzon Street London W1J 7TN
020 7493 7771

Palm Beach Casino
30 Berkeley Street Mayfair, London W1J 8EH
020 7493 6585

The Ritz Club Casino
150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BS 020 7499 1818

The Colony Club
24 Hertford Street Mayfair, London W1J 7SA
020 7495 5000

The Rendezvous Casino
14 Old Park Lane, W1K 1ND
020 7491 8586

Les Ambassadeurs Club
5 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7ED
020 7495 5555