a goddess lives in every escort

Women deserve to be treated like goddesses by men and this statement can be proved very easily. According to ancient Roman myths there were different goddesses that stood for peculiar character traits, ways of behavior and life priorities. Every female can identify herself with one of them taking into consideration all the characteristics.
Do you want to argue the opinion that there is a goddess in every mayfair escort? You can do it, of course. Though you’d better not hurry with making conclusions and stating your point of view. Here is the claim that a goddess lives in every escort. And it is not a vain statement to make. The parallels with the goddesses of ancient Rome can be drawn to prove this idea. So any woman can choose the type that suits her best of all.

witch43Vesta is a goddess of the hearth and female inner wisdom. This goddess lives in escorts who consider home the most significant part of their lives. Every minor detail is carefully considered by these women. Females who have Vesta as the type of their personalities are very peaceful and sincere women, the best to lead a quiet and harmonious life. Vesta-escorts attract men who need calm and modest females. These girls can be reserved and silent but they never forget to show their love and devotion to men. They give their partners the sense of living.

Juno is a majestic goddess of marriage. The females who have Juno as their patroness are perfect partners for life. Their life is empty and senseless without a man in it. Juno-escorts are always devoted and faithful to their men, they are always ready to support their male partners and follow them wherever they need to go. Such escorts are attracted to men who are competent and successful. Juno-females suffer their partners’ faithlessness very hard. Intimate relationships and marriage are inseparable for Junos. A successful marriage is the source of their lives.

Ceres is a goddess of fertility and farming. Ceres-escorts are generous and kind-hearted. They have a passion to become mothers. These women can easily accept stepchildren who will never be able to blame her for the lack of feelings to them. Ceres has enough for all the people close to her. As for intimate relationships, they do not take a leading role in their life. Though, these escorts are very feminine and loving.

Proserpina is the goddess who has two main aspects – a woman and a sovereign which can be revealed separately and grow into one another. According to the Roman myth Proserpina was kidnapped in her youth by some god and after it she became a sovereign of an underground kingdom. So the characteristic of a ruler is developed in Proserpina-girls with experience and growth. However there is a controversial trait of character of these females – they like to be under the influence of other people, to be pliable and even passive. Young Proserpina-escorts adore men but passion is not a frequent quality that they can boast of.

Openness, flexibility and susceptibility of Proserpina are the qualities that are necessary for all the women. Youth and this goddess are not separable. Proserpina-escorts usually look much younger than they really are. These females are like children with men, naive and shy in relationships. They attract both kinds of males – young and mature who feel uncomfortable in the company of mature women. Maturity brings Proserpinas passion that they lack in youth.

Whatever goddess lives in you the most important thing – do not forget that all women are goddesses. So all the men should treat girls as such and the ladies should make men treat them like princesses.

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