I was recently told by a contractor working at one of our London Escort girls apartments, that the type of humble British biscuit that is given to any handyman with his cup of builders tea denotes his likelihood of striking lucky with the lady of the house.

Personally, I didn’t believe him until he told me the list and just had to share it with you. (No.1 being the best. No.10 the worst.) We are rather unsure how the poll was ever conducted but what do we care. Me, I personally fancy a sponge finger!

1. Jaffa Cakes
2. Custard creams
3. Rich Tea
4. Hob Nobs
5. Bourbons.
6. Chocolate Digestives
7. Flap Jack
8. Shortbread
9. Ginger Nut
10. Wafer

Needless to say no biscuit at all means you’ve no chance, just get on with the job for which you’re paid to do. But a friend from Geisha London told me that if the biscuit is home-made you’re propelled into a different league and should be thankful if you’re wearing clean underwear that morning.

And before you ask! I’ve no idea what can be read into your chances by the actual quantity of biscuits received. The more biscuits the merrier I guess.

Whatever is your favourite. Have a look at our gallery of girls as I know you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

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